Work Licences / Special Hardship Orders

Charged with a drink driving offence and need a work license or wish to apply for a special hardship order?

Strict conditions apply for the granting of work licences, you only get one chance. Therefore, it is essential that you are equipped with the right advice for your particular circumstances. By having legal representation like Mr Trout you are not only bettering your changes of success but also safeguarding yourself from unnecessarily harsh punishments for your offence.

There are a number of requirements you must demonstrate to the court in order to be considered eligible for work licences. These include your need to have a driver licence to remain employed, and you are a fit and proper road user.

Legal Representation:

Mr Trout will ensure you are aware of what you must demonstrate in order to receive work licences or special hardship orders. Mr Trout has invaluable experience in this area and will also tell you what options are available if you are not eligible for work licences or special hardship orders.

Mr Trout has advised and obtained work licences for numerous clients and may be able to help you. It is important to act fast and get informed before your court appearance. Why not call Mr Trout  concerning your work licence or special hardship order today?

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