Criminal Offences

Charged with a criminal offence, defending a DVO or being prosecuted for a commonwealth?

Call for a conference or instruct your solicitor to brief Mr Trout as counsel for the hearing of your matter. It is essential to obtain expert legal practitioners when you are faced with a criminal offence. Without an experienced Barrister like Mr Trout individuals may be leaving themselves open to heavy punishment in the form of fines, restraining orders and possibly gaol time.

Mr Trout can offer over seventeen years of legal experience and has achieved excellent outcomes for many difficult matters. Mr Trout endeavours to provide clients with all the relevant information they need in order to make informed decisions about their matter.

It is essential to have a barrister like Mr Trout advocate your case, with his experience he is able to provide you with the outcome which best suits your circumstances.


Call for advice before you conduct an interview with the police and get informed advice early, it is critical in criminal matters to understand what your rights are and the possible outcomes.

Contact Mr Trout today for a professional and confidential conference regarding your criminal offence.

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