Drink Driving Offences

drink driving offencesQueensland has some of the strictest drink driving laws in Australia. Work licences can be obtained in certain situations with the help of legal representation. More complex matters require the knowledge of criminal procedures and defenses for drink driving.

It is important to obtain the help of an experienced legal representative. A barrister who can  successfully advocate your case and provide you with the information you need.  Enabling you, as the client to make informed, conscience decisions in relation to your drink driving offence.

Representation for Drink Driving:

With over seventeen years experience Mr Trout has represented numerous clients in drink driving offences. Mr Trout is able to represent clients  in pleas, contested hearings, work licence applications. In addition to, applications to remove disqualifications when charged with drink driving.

Mr Trout offers competitive prices and a high standard of service. When your licence is critical to your income or you risk a prison sentence you need experienced representation. Without experienced legal representation individuals may be exposed to much heavier punishments for drink driving than is applicable to their particular situation.

Mr Trout conducts conferences in his chambers and plans a careful approach to your matter. He prefers to meet with you prior to court so he can fully advise you and determine what is required to best serve your requirements.

Mr Trout has appeared in many complex traffic matters and has advised hundreds of clients.

Please call Mr Trout for a  fully confidential conference and advice.

*Fixed Fees are available*